Manny's Inspirational Journey

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 11, the day before high school started, I faced 16 years of relentless pain and 14 daily tablets, at it's worst. Crohn's stunted my growth and made eating a constant source of agony, leaving me with a bad relationship with food.

On Christmas Day 2016, a severe bowel perforation forced me to have a life or death decision: undergo emergency surgery or risk dying. I had 30cm of diseased intestine cut out.

Only 26 years old, I dropped down to 5 stone (33.6kg) in body weight, the weight of a small child. Being hospitalised again 2 months later, I endured 6 weeks in the hospital because I was being fed intravenously for 12 hours a day to rebuild my body.

This was only the beginning of my journey...

Refusing to give up, I fought through unimaginable challenges. After my ileostomy bag was reversed, I entered a Powerlifting competition just eight months later. I not only competed but broke two records by deadlifting 180kg, then 195kg six months later, lifting 3.5 times my body weight and becoming a two-time champion.

Today, I'm thriving medication-free and symptom-free, fueled by my secret plant blends that I meticulously studied since 2017. My kitchen is a testament to my on-going dedication, stocked with over 30 different plants and herbs.

My story went viral and is showcased on BBC, ITV, Daily Mail, LadBible & SportBible. Now I enjoy helping others improve their phsyical and mental well-being, as I naturally became a "Gut Health Coach", after having a degree in Computer Science and working in the IT industry for 10 years.

I help people around the world with Gut diseases & illnesses such as Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, IBD, IBS, plus more, as a Gut Health Coach. Every person that I have guided and coached have experienced improvements from their symptoms by having different Plants as a Tea, as part of their wellness coaching plan.

I was inspired to formulate and share this powerful & potent Plant Tea blend - Cosmic Hue for strengthening and fueling your second brain, the gut.

Your gut controls 90% of your stress, 70% of your immune system, your happy hormones like serotonin, energy levels and your mood. Fuel your gut and transform your life.

Today, Cosmic Hue helps countless satisfied customers to understand & love their second brain, the gut.

- Manny Singh Tura

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